Defensive Handgun Operator Level 1


Defensive Handgun Operator Level-1 (1 day)        $200

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Defensive Handgun Operator Level-1 (1 day)        $200

For the Defensive Handgun Operator course, the minimum class size is 10 students with a maximum of 20. To be placed on a tentative class roster, please contact Gregory Urdaneta ASAP. The tuition of $450 must be paid in-full and up-front to finalize reservation of a training spot.  Please provide relevant contact information (address, email, phone number). Checks should be made out to Gregory. If for some unforeseen reason the class does not make the minimum required, tuition payments will not be returned, reschedule will be available,  ~600 rounds of ammo will be required for this two day course, although exercises can be conducted dry if ammo availability is an issue.

Other requirements for the Operators Courses follow; please have these items and qualifications to participate in the Handgun Operator Training:

  • *Center fire semi-automatic pistol or revolver, functional and without dangerous modifications, and the ability to safely run this weapon. (Note: a .22 cal. handgun can be used if obtaining center fire ammo is problematic.)
  • *Holster (with trigger guard) worn on the strong side of the body, and the ability to safely present and return the weapon to the holster.
  • A minimum of three magazines and one or two magazine pouches worn on the belt on the support side. Speed loader holders worn in front of the holster for those using revolvers.
  • Electronic hearing and quality wrap around eye protection.
  • Sturdy belt, hat with brim, loose pants with deep pockets, comfortable footwear and a concealment garment.
  • A suitable backup weapon and a training gun (orange gun) if available.
  • Water, sun screen, lawn chair… (Think personal comfort while on the range).
  • Bring your lunch.  A grill, refrigerator and kitchen will be available at the clubhouse.

*Note: students deemed unsafe will be asked to unload and will run exercises dry!